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Freiwillige Feuerwehr Reitland
OR supported by: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Reitland
(Voluntary Firefighters)

Boßelverein Reitland
OR supported by: Boßelverein Reitland
(Game involving the throwing of a ball along country roads)

Schützenverein Reitland
OR supported by: Schützenverein Reitland
(Shooting Association)

Weser-Ems Chapter Germany-Italy

Presse-Echo I
(bikers_power_5_2014.pdf, 06.10.2014, 2272,00 kByte)
Bikers Power 5-2014
Outerdijker Run

Presse-Echo II
(nwz_online_20140806.pdf, 07.08.2014, 356,00 kByte)
NWZ Online v. 06.08.2014


Outerdijker Run

August 01 - 03, 2014 | 26936 Stadland/Schwei | Olympiastr. 64 | Germany

Update 23.09.2018

OR-Flaming Shield


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Outerdijker Run 2014
Outerdijker Run - pics from friday
The Spree Chapter Berlin celebrated its 1st Anniversary with a Mega-Party at Jadebusen/Wesermarsch. Together with about 400 guests and 34 chapters we rocked the "Schweier Aussendeich". On Friday The Rockalots from Bremen played hot classic-rock - a successfull party-start.
The images from friday start with the approach of the Rainy City HDC, Manchester, UK from the german/dutch border to the event site.

Outerdijker Run - pics from saturday
On Saturday started 7 (!) Ride-Outs under the leadership from Weser-Ems Chapter Germany-Italy. In the beautiful summer night the legendary Hank Davison played unplugged Countryblues & Rock´n´Roll.

Outerdijker Run 2014

Pic 86
Images courtesy Weser-Ems Chapter Germany-Italy e.V.

Pic 190
Images courtesy Weser-Ems Chapter Germany-Italy e.V.

The Ultimate Classic Rock Experience Unplugged Countryblues & Rock'n'Roll Current flyer with complete informations

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